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PanTera™ is a new interactive visualization technology that unlocks the richness of large datasets by enabling seamless multi-scale exploration.

Why PanTera?

Perfect for
Large Datasets

PanTera technology provides a complete picture of your data faster by visualizing information without aggregation or sampling.

Highly Interactive

Pantera-based solutions enable a truly interactive investigation by allowing you to survey multiple scales of your data in minutes instead of hours.

at its Best

High-resolution data visualization harnesses the power of human perception to rapidly identify patterns and anomalies.

PanTera in Action

Advertising & Marketing Technology

More so than ever before, you have access to vast amounts of information and clients clamouring for results. Data driven decisions allow you to better optimize your offerings.

PanTera technology provides a powerful way to understand performance patterns and anomalies across geography, time and segments.

Financial Industry

Working in the financial sector, small variations in the market can mean the difference between success and a missed opportunity. In the markets, nuance matters.

Powered by PanTera, analysts can visualize and interrogate massive amounts of tick data down to an individual order to understand positions in the market.

Social Media

As people continue to migrate towards social media, understanding your customers and following conversations is paramount.

PanTera technology provides an intuitive social awareness platform that equips you with the ability to visualize, at scale, every social media post pertinent to your brand.

Internet of Things

There is incredible opportunity in an increasingly connected world to leverage data of connected devices to increase efficiencies, identify new offerings and monetize data.

A PanTera-based solution empowers you to understand the geographic and times series information of billions of data records from a global or country level down to an individual data point.

Latest News

PanTera Blog Launches


We have launched our blog. Check it out to see some of the things we are working on!

Pantera Keynote Demo


The PanTera team had a wonderful time at Spark Summit East! In case you missed it, you can see a recording of our demo from the keynote address as well as our technical presentation.


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