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PanTera™ is supports tile-based visual analytics that can be used to display billions of data points. PanTera leverages open source distributed computing software to power its large scale, browser-based visualizations. Visualizing big data is difficult, but the opportunity it presents to unlock value for organizations is considerable. A PanTera-based solution can help.

Uncharted - Makers of PanTera

Uncharted™ (formerly Oculus Info Inc.) is a leading provider of innovative visual analytics software solutions for Fortune 500 companies, federal government agencies, and third party software firms. Makers of GeoTime and Influent, at Uncharted, we believe that the right visualization can have a profound impact on people’s ability to explore, assimilate, understand, and create value from large amounts of data. Uncharted provides users the ability to quickly see the insights their data has to offer.

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